Observation Data

We presently have over 100,000 observation records of rare and/or endangered plants and animals in Atlantic Canada, with approximately 40,000 for New Brunswick, 60,000 for Nova Scotia, 10,000 for Prince Edward Island, 7,000 for Newfoundland and Labrador.

For a list of scientific and common names, legal statuses and rarity ranks of flora and fauna within a specific county, just click Public Data at the left.

Custom Data Requests

A summary report and detailed observation data within 5km is available for New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island sites; for non-federal sites in Nova Scotia a list of rare and/or endangered taxa within 100km is issued. Legally protected species whose predicted range includes a site are also reported. Standard point-location requests are invoiced for $150; costs for larger non-point sites will be quoted before processing. Your request will be responded to typically within 7 days, 14 days maximum; ASAP service available for 50% premium charge.  More about fees.

Submit request by email to:
Maritimes: James Churchill
Newfoundland & Labrador: Adam Durocher

Set email subject header to:
ACCDC DATA REQUEST: [studyarea] [prov] (ASAP?) 

Please include the following information:

-ContactName Title Address Telephone Email (Website)
-Job or P.O. number for invoicing
-Study area: Name of nearest town or landscape feature
-Project: e.g. "culvert replacement", "commercial development"
-Map (jpg) AND Geocoordinates separated by comma:

latitude longitude OR easting northing
45.123456, 65.123456   123456, 4567890
45 12 34, 65 12 34   123456.789, 4567890.123
45 12.3456, 65 12.3456      
45 12 34.56, 65 12 34.56