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December 23, 2015.

New database release: r151223. This release includes the addition of >5000 records, discrepancy fixes for >25,000 records and incorporates SRANK changes for about 200 Maritimes taxa. An upcoming database release will incorporate many thousand additional records and hundreds of additional SRANK changes. Rank changes will be reflected on our Conservation Ranks page.

November 12, 2015.

Updates to 100 km species lists (Data Report Section 5.0). When the 100 km search radius includes areas in adjacent provinces, only species that are rare or protected in the province of the request are returned from those areas. All ranks in this table correspond to the province in which the study site falls, even for out-of-province records.

July, 2015.

Updated Data Request Cost Structure.
The AC CDC board has approved the following updated cost structure for corporate clients:
Standard request (unchanged) - a 5 km radius circle (or equivalent area) - $150
Nonstandard request - 5-10 km radius circle (or equivalent area) - $250
Nonstandard request - >10- km radius circle (or equivalent area) - $1/km2
Standard Service - 7-14 days
ASAP service - 50% premium; 1-2 days
For more information please see our Fees and Usage page

June 10, 2015.

Submit Data Requests online. We now encourage all data requestors to submit data requests online. We welcome your feedback to help us optimize this new service.

June 10, 2015.

Our new website is live! Please visit and explore our new website. Highlights include updated conservation ranks, an online Data Request Form, and a FAQ page.

May, 2014.

Location Sensitive Species (Section 4.3). Our responses on New Brunswick and Nova Scotia data requests have changed following consultation with the Department of Natural Resources in each province. Our standard data request responses will now include precise location information for all species except those listed in the "Location Sensitive Species" section of the Data Report (Section 4.3), and will involve a GIS search of a 5 km radius around the survey site. A broader search radius is still possible, but would involve a special request. Feel free to contact us with any questions about this change in procedure.