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Bog Fritillary (Boloria eunomia)

Description: A small fritillary with conspicuous silvery white markings on the hindwing against a brick red background. It is distinguished from other small fritillaries by the submarginal row of black-rimmed white dots on the underside of the hindwing and the rather variegated appearance of the upperwing. Wingspan: 32 to 40 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Known only from northern New Brunswick. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S3. NS: -. PEI: -.

Flight Period: Mid to late June.

Host Plant: Violets (Viola spp.) and willows (Salix spp.) and probably Cranberries (Vaccinium spp.) in the Maritimes.

Notes: Only discovered in the Maritimes in the late 1990s, this rare northern fritillary should be sought in northern bogs. It is a tireless flier that rarely lands, making it hard to pursue in its wet habitat.