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Western Pine Elfin (Callophrys eryphon)

Description: Males are uniform dark brown above while females are more orange. The underside of the forewing is orangish-brown, with a black and white transverse line. The underside of the hindwing is strongly patterned, with a series of dark chevrons toward the margin that form a conspicuous zig-zag pattern. It can be distinguished from the similar Eastern Pine Elfin by this conspicuous zig-zag pattern, in the latter species these markings are more rounded and less conspicuous. Wingspan: 22 to 28 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Northern New Brunswick. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S3. NS: -. PEI: -.

Flight Period: Mid May to mid June.

Host Plant: White Pine (Pinus strobus).

Notes: Because of the similarity of the Eastern and Western Pine Elfin, it is very difficult to assign a name to some specimens. In the Maritimes the Western Pine Elfin is found in colonies in pine forests north of the Miramichi River where it is usually seen sitting on forestry roads or perching on small pine trees. At such sites it occurs with the Eastern Pine Elfin.