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Bog Elfin (Callophrys lanoraieensis)

Description: A very small brown butterfly, Bog Elfin is dark brown above and predominantly greyish-brown below. Both the fore and hindwing are indistinctly patterned on the underside and there is a large grey patch near the hindwing margin. In appearance it resembles a small smudged Eastern Pine Elfin. Wingspan: 16 to 19 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Widespread in New Brunswick, occasional in Prince Edward Island and southern Nova Scotia. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S5. NS: S3. PEI: S1.

Flight Period: Early May to late June.

Host Plant: Black Spruce (Picea mariana).

Notes: Although in some areas it is restricted to bogs, in the Maritimes Bog Elfin is just as likely to be seen along wood roads with the other elfin species. In some areas, it flies in dry sandy pine forests where Black Spruce grows among the pines. Rarely seen in large numbers, its diminutive size and dark coloring make it easy to overlook.

This species has the most restricted range of any North American elfin, being entirely restricted to the Maritime Provinces, southern Quebec, northern New England and extreme eastern Ontario.