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Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme)

Description: A medium sized butterfly, orange above and yellow below, males have a sharply defined black margin on the upperside, females have a wider, somewhat more diffuse border with yellow spots. Along with Clouded Sulphur, the underside of the hindwing has a large silver spot bordered by two red rings, usually a smaller adjacent spot, and a row of three to five small dark spots along the hind margin. Features to distinguish Orange and Clouded Sulphurs is discussed in the description of the latter. Wingspan: 34 to 55 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Throughout Maritimes. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S4B, S4M. NS: S5B. PEI: S1S2B.

Flight Period: Late May to early October.

Host Plant: A variety of legumes (Fabaceae), particularly clover and alfalfa.

Notes: Both Clouded and Orange Sulphur have white morph females that are most common in late summer and fall. These white morphs retain the other wing markings, and the two species can be distinguished by the colour of the central spot on the upperside of the hindwing (dark yellow in Clouded Sulphur, orange in Orange Sulphur).

Orange Sulphur is a migrant species of open weedy habitats. It is typically seen with Clouded Sulphur, though it is less abundant.