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Baltimore Checkerspot (Euphydryas phaeton)

Description: A medium sized, boldly marked species. Above the wings are black with bold reddish-orange spots along the margin and white spots basal to these and large reddish-orange patches near the base. The underside is similar, but with more extensive and larger white spots. No other species in the Maritimes is similar. Wingspan: 44 to 70 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Throughout the Maritimes. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S4. NS: S2S3. PEI: S4.

Flight Period: Mid June to early August.

Host Plant: Turtlehead (Chelone glabra).

Notes: The Baltimore Checkerspot is perhaps the most striking butterfly in the Maritimes. It, along with its larval host plant, is found in a variety of wet habitats, including wet meadows, beaver ponds, and the shores of streams and rivers, though it occasionally strays along roads and trails. Rarely abundant, the species is generally seen singly or in small numbers.