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Indian Skipper (Hesperia sassacus)

Description: This medium sized skipper is pale orange above with broad black margins. The underside is dull orange, the forewing has several beige spots near the apex and the hindwing has a crescent of indistinct beige spots angled towards the wing margin and one or two pale spots near the base. Indian Skipper is similar to Common Branded Skipper above. However in Common Branded Skipper the markings on the underside of the wings are bold and white, greatly contrasting with ground color of the wing. The similar Long Dash Skipper is different above and the row of spots on the hindwing below parallel the curve of the wing, not angled as in the Indian Skipper. Wingspan: 25 to 30 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Southwestern New Brunswick. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S3. NS: -. PEI: -.

Flight Period: Late May to early July.

Host Plant: Panic grasses (Panicum spp.) and Poverty Grass (Danthonia spicata).

Notes: The Indian Skipper may be found in grassy clearings in deciduous forests as well as fields and roadsides, visiting flowers and sitting on low vegetation. Unlike the other Hesperia skippers this is a spring species. The Indian Skipper flies with other skipper species and may be common where it is found. It is most easily confused with the Long Dash Skipper.