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Jutta Arctic (Oeneis jutta)

Description: A medium sized greyish-brown butterfly. The upperside wings are uniform brown and have variable numbers of diffuse pale spots, some of which encircle small black eyespots. The underside of the hindwing has grey and brown mottling. Wingspan: 35 to 55 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Widespread in New Brunswick. Prior to the Atlas the species was known from a few locations in Cumberland County and northern Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and a single location on Prince Edward Island. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S4. NS: S3. PEI: S1.

Flight Period: Mid May to early July.

Host Plant: A variety of species from the sedge family (Cyperaceae), including Tussock Cotton-Grass (Eriophorum vaginatum) and Carex species.

Notes: The Jutta Arctic is a spring butterfly, occurring in colonies on bogs and fens. Adults sit on tree trunks and fly quickly among trees in bog margins. They can be difficult to observe, blending in well with the lichens and mosses of their preferred habitat. They are best sought in late May early June, flying in the same sunny glades as Brown Elfin and Bog Elfin.