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Hobomok Skipper (Poanes hobomok)

Description: Hobomok Skipper is a medium sized brown and orange skipper. The upperside is orange with dark brown borders. The underside of the hindwing has a large yellow central patch. Hobomok Skipper is most similar to Peck’s Skipper, which also has a large irregular patch on the hindwing underside. Hobomok Skipper is larger, has much more orange on the upperside, more rounded forewings, and a hindwing patch that is more “globular” than in Peck’s Skipper. Wingspan: 24 to 32 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Throughout Maritimes. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S5. NS: S5. PEI: S5.

Flight Period: Mid May to mid July.

Host Plant: A variety of grasses (Poaceae) including panic grasses (Panicum spp.) and blue grasses (Poa spp.).

Notes: The Hobomok Skipper is one of the earliest skippers to emerge in the spring. It frequents the shrubby edges of forests, especially along wood roads and trails where it alights on vegetation and avidly visits flowers.