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Gray Comma (Polygonia progne)

Description: Gray Comma is most similar to Hoary Comma. See comments under the description of that species. It is less heavily marked on the upperside and more heavily striated on the underside than the other comma species. Wingspan: 37 to 50 mm.

Maritime Distribution: Widespread throughout the Maritimes. For Atlas results click here.

Provincial Ranks: NB: S5. NS: S3S4. PEI: S2.

Flight Period: Gray Commas overwinter as adults, and can be seen flying in April to mid June and from mid July to early September. There may occasionally be a partial second generation in September.

Host Plant: Various currants (Ribes spp.).

Notes: Gray Comma is found in a wide variety of woodland settings and is less restricted to deep woods than other comma species.

All commas can be difficult to identify, and being able to do so with confidence requires experience. This is particularly true with spring specimens that are quite worn.