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**2012 update - Participants are encouraged to try eButterfly for data submission. eButterfly is a national butterfly monitoring effort. It's data entry portal has been tailored to accept atlas records. Photographs can be loaded directly onto the eButterfly website. **

The online data entry portal allows you to enter data electronically for either photographic or specimen based observations. For photographic vouchers please email your photos to jklymko @ with the subject line you are automatically  given once you have submitted your observations. For specimen based observations you can submit the observation data now and send in the specimens at the end of the season.

A geographic converter is available at It allows you to change a variety of coordinate styles (including UTM and degrees, minutes, seconds) to decimal degrees. When you submit coordinates it also tells you the map square you are in, and provides links to a printable PDF map.

click here for the DATA ENTRY PORTAL


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