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Provincial Butterfly Checklist & Species Pages

Below is the butterfly checklist of the Maritime provinces. To view the species profiles click on the english name of the species you are interested in viewing.

Species profiles were developed by John Klymko, Jim Edsall, and Sarah Robinson. They are based primarily on Butterflies of Canada (Layberry et al., 1998) and Butterflies of North America (Scott, 1986).

Family English Name Nom Français Latin Name NB S-rank NS S-rank PE S-rank
Hesperiidae Silver-spotted Skipper Hespérie à taches argentées Epargyreus clarus SNA - -
Hesperiidae Northern Cloudywing Hespérie nuageuse Thorybes pylades S5 S2S3 -
Hesperiidae Dreamy Duskywing Hespérie givrée Erynnis icelus S5 S5 S5
Hesperiidae Juvenal's Duskywing Hespérie du chêne Erynnis juvenalis SU S3S4 -
Hesperiidae Arctic Skipper Échiquier Carterocephalus palaemon S5 S5 S5
Hesperiidae Least Skipper Hespérie délicate Ancyloxypha numitor S5 S5 S4
Hesperiidae European Skipper Hespérie des graminées Thymelicus lineola SE SE SE
Hesperiidae Fiery Skipper - Hylephila phyleus SNA - SNA
Hesperiidae Common Branded Skipper Hespérie comma Hesperia comma S5 S4 S4
Hesperiidae Indian Skipper Hespérie indienne Hesperia sassacus S3 - SNA
Hesperiidae Peck's Skipper Hespérie de Peck Polites peckius S5 S5 S4
Hesperiidae Tawny-edged Skipper Hespérie à tache costale Polites themistocles S5 S5 S5
Hesperiidae Crossline Skipper Hespérie à ligne oblique Polites origenes S1? - -
Hesperiidae Long Dash Skipper Hespérie mystique Polites mystic S5 S5 S5
Hesperiidae Hobomok Skipper Hespérie hobomok Poanes hobomok S5 S5 S5
Hesperiidae Two-spotted Skipper Hespérie des marais Euphyes bimacula S3 SU -
Hesperiidae Dun Skipper Hespérie rurale Euphyes vestris S5 S5 S4
Hesperiidae Pepper and Salt Skipper Hespérie poivrée Amblyscirtes hegon S4 S2S3 -
Hesperiidae Common Roadside Skipper Hespérie violacée Amblyscirtes vialis S5 S3S4 -
Hesperiidae Ocola Skipper - Panoquina ocola SNA - -
Papilionidae Short-tailed Swallowtail Papillon queue-courte Papilio brevicauda S3 S1 -
Papilionidae Black Swallowtail Papillon du céleri Papilio polyxenes S4 S4 S3
Papilionidae Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Papillon tigré du Canada Papilio canadensis S5 S5 S5
Papilionidae Giant Swallowtail Grand porte-queue Papilio cresphontes SNA SNA -
Pieridae Cabbage White Piéride du chou Pieris rapae SE SE SE
Pieridae Mustard White Piéride des crucifères Pieris oleracea S5 S4 S4
Pieridae Clouded Sulphur Coliade du trèfle Colias philodice S5 S5 S5
Pieridae Orange Sulphur Coliade de la luzerne Colias eurytheme S4B, S4M S5B S1S2B
Pieridae Pink-edged Sulphur Coliade intérieur Colias interior S5 S5 S5
Pieridae Little Yellow Petit coliade Pyrisitia lisa SNA SNA -
Lycaenidae Harvester Moissonneur Feniseca tarquinius S4S5 S4 S1S2
Lycaenidae American Copper Cuivre d'Amérique Lycaena phlaeas S5 S5 S4
Lycaenidae Bronze Copper Bronzé Lycaena hyllus S3 S2 S3
Lycaenidae Bog Copper Cuivre des tourbières Lycaena epixanthe S5 S5 S4
Lycaenidae Dorcas Copper Cuivre de la potentille Lycaena dorcas S1 S1? -
Lycaenidae Salt Marsh Copper Cuivré des marais salés Lycaena dospassosi S3 S2 S3
Lycaenidae Brown Elfin Lutin brun Callophrys augustinus S5 S5 S4
Lycaenidae Hoary Elfin Lutin grisâtre Callophrys polios S3 S4 S1
Lycaenidae Henry's Elfin Lutin des bluets Callophrys henrici S2S3 S3 S1
Lycaenidae Eastern Pine Elfin Lutin des pins Callophrys niphon S5 S4 S1
Lycaenidae Western Pine Elfin Lutin chevronné Callophrys eryphon S3 - -
Lycaenidae Bog Elfin Lutin des tourbières Callophrys lanoraieensis S5 S3 S1
Lycaenidae Acadian Hairstreak Porte-queue d'Acadie Satyrium acadica S3 S1 S1
Lycaenidae Banded Hairstreak Porte-queue du chêne Satyrium calanus S2 S2 S1
Lycaenidae Striped Hairstreak Porte-queue à bandes brisées Satyrium liparops S3S4 S2S3 S1S2
Lycaenidae Gray Hairstreak Porte-queue gris Strymon melinus S2 S1S2 -
Lycaenidae Early Hairstreak Lutin mystérieux Erora laeta S1 S1 S1
Lycaenidae Eastern Tailed-Blue Bleu porte-queue de l'est Cupido comyntas S3S4 S3? SNR
Lycaenidae Western Tailed-Blue Bleu porte-queue de l'Ouest Cupido amyntula S5 - -
Lycaenidae Northern Spring Azure Azur printanier Celastrina lucia S5 S5 S5
Lycaenidae Silvery Blue Bleu argenté Glaucopsyche lygdamus S5 S5 S5
Lycaenidae Northern Blue Bleu nordique Plebejus idas S3 S5 S2
Lycaenidae Greenish Blue Bleu verdâtre Plebejus saepiolus S1S2 SU -
Nymphalidae American Snout Papillon longs-palpes Libytheana carinenta SNA SNA -
Nymphalidae Monarch Monarque Danaus plexippus S3B, S3M S2B S1B
Nymphalidae Variegated Fritillary Fritillaire panachée Euptoieta claudia SNA SNA -
Nymphalidae Great Spangled Fritillary Argynne cybèle Speyeria cybele S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Aphrodite Fritillary Argynne aphrodite Speyeria aphrodite S3 S3 S1
Nymphalidae Atlantis Fritillary Argynne de l'Atlantique Speyeria atlantis S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Regal Fritillary Collier Royal Speyeria idalia SNA - -
Nymphalidae Bog Fritillary Boloria des tourbières Boloria eunomia S3 - -
Nymphalidae Silver-bordered Fritillary Boloria à taches argentées Boloria selene S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Meadow Fritillary Boloria des prés Boloria bellona S3 - -
Nymphalidae Arctic Fritillary Boloria arctique Boloria chariclea S3 S2 -
Nymphalidae Silvery Checkerspot Damier argenté Chlosyne nycteis S4 S1? -
Nymphalidae Harris's Checkerspot Damier de Harris Chlosyne harrisii S5 S5 S4
Nymphalidae Northern Crescent Croissant nordique Phyciodes cocyta S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Baltimore Checkerspot Baltimore Euphydryas phaeton S4 S2S3 S4
Nymphalidae Common Buckeye Papillon occellé Junonia coenia SNA SNA -
Nymphalidae Question Mark Polygone à queue violacée Polygonia interrogationis S4B, S4M S3B S3B
Nymphalidae Eastern Comma Polygone virgule Polygonia comma S4 S1? SNR
Nymphalidae Satyr Comma Polygone satyre Polygonia satyrus S3 S1? S2
Nymphalidae Green Comma Polygone à taches vertes Polygonia faunus S5 S3 S1
Nymphalidae Hoary Comma Polygone gracile Polygonia gracilis S3 SU -
Nymphalidae Gray Comma Polygone gris Polygonia progne S5 S3S4 S2
Nymphalidae Compton Tortoiseshell Grande vanesse Roddia vaualbum S3 S1S2 S1
Nymphalidae Milbert's Tortoiseshell Petite vanesse Aglais milberti S4 S2 S1S2
Nymphalidae Mourning Cloak Morio Nymphalis antiopa S4 S5 S3S4
Nymphalidae Red Admiral Vulcain Vanessa atalanta S5B, S5M S4B S4B
Nymphalidae Painted Lady Belle dame Vanessa cardui S5B, S5M S4B S4B
Nymphalidae American Lady Vanesse de Virginie Vanessa virginiensis S5B, S5M S5B S4B
Nymphalidae White Admiral Amiral Limenitis arthemis S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Viceroy Vice-roi Limenitis archippus S5 S5 S4
Nymphalidae Northern Pearly-Eye Satyre perlé Enodia anthedon S5 S4 S4S5
Nymphalidae Eyed Brown Satyre ocellé Satyrodes eurydice S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Little Wood-Satyr Petit satyre des bois Megisto cymela S5 S3 S4
Nymphalidae Common Ringlet Satyre fauve Coenonympha tullia S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Maritime Ringlet Satyre fauve des Maritimes Coenonympha nipisiquit S1 - -
Nymphalidae Common Wood-Nymph Satyre des prés Cercyonis pegala S5 S5 S5
Nymphalidae Jutta Arctic Nordique des tourbières Oeneis jutta S4 S3 S1

Notes: Nomenclature generally follows Opler and Warren, 2003. Exceptions to this are Maritime Ringlet (Coenonympha nipisiquit) and the azures (Celastrina). Maritime Ringlet is considered a full species in the Butterflies of Canada (Layberry et al., 1998), NatureServe, and under Canada's Species at Risk Act. Celastrina taxonomy follows Schmidt and Layberry, 2016.

S1: Extremely rare: May be especially vulnerable to extirpation (typically 5 or fewer occurrences or very few remaining individuals).

S2: Rare: May be vulnerable to extirpation due to rarity or other factors (6 to 20 occurrences or few remaining individuals).

S3: Uncommon, or found only in a restricted range, even if abundant at some locations (21 to 100 occurrences).

S4: Usually widespreadfairly common, and apparently secure with many occurrences, but of longer-term concern (e.g., watch list) (100+ occurrences).

S5: Widespread, abundant, and secure, under present conditions.

S#B: Breeding rank. The conservation status of migratory species (specifically those that do not overwinter in the Maritimes) during the breeding season.

S#M: Migration rank. The conservation status of migratory species (specifically those that do not overwinter in the Maritimes) during migration. Only New Brunswick currently assigns these ranks.

SNA: Not Applicable, indicating irregularly occuring species.

SE: Exotic species.

SNR: Not ranked.