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Who can participate in the Maritime Butterfly Atlas?


The Atlas is set up so that anyone who lives in or visits the Maritimes and can swing a net or take a photo can participate; butterfly expertise is optional but likely grow with participation. The Atlas is a great way for anyone with an interest in butterflies or natural history to participate in a large-scale conservation project that will have real and measurable effects on conservation decisions in the Maritimes and beyond. It is also an excellent opportunity to improve your butterfly identification skills. Once examined by butterfly experts, the identity of each specimen or photo will then be posted online, allowing you to check your own identifications. Even if you start off with little or no expertise in butterfly identification, you should be able to improve your skills greatly over the course of the Atlas. And remember, the more specimens and photos you identify, the more improvement you will see.

If you are interested in participating in the Maritime Butterfly Atlas please contact John Klymko at jklymko or (506) 364-2660.

If you are interested in participating in the Atlas see the Atlasser Resources pages for more info