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Welcome to the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre

The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre (AC CDC) compiles and provides objective data about biological diversity in Atlantic Canada, and we undertake fieldwork to further knowledge of the distribution and status of species and ecological communities of conservation concern. All our efforts are in support of conservation-related decision making, research and education.

"The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre represents a very important step forward in terms of the collection, analysis, organization and dissemination of rare plants and animals in the Atlantic Region. I am extremely impressed with the partnerships that launched this organization, and the coalition of talent that has rallied around this endeavour."
- Hon. David Anderson, Minister of the Environment for Canada, September 2000.

We serve the Atlantic Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador and have offices in Sackville, New Brunswick and Corner Brook, Newfoundland. We receive direction from a Board of Directors that includes managers of biological diversity from the four provincial governments, several federal departments, and the non-governmental conservation sector. Our funding comes from partner agencies, competitive government and foundation funds, cost recovery fees on data requests and fee for service contracts. If you would like to support the AC CDC's conservation science efforts financially, please contact us.

The AC CDC's expertise and data represent the single most comprehensive and current source of information about Atlantic Canada's biodiversity. Our database includes almost 2 million geo-located records of species occurrences, approximately 20% of which represent species of conservation concern. Our data is widely consulted by federal and provincial government departments, NGOs, industry, researchers, students, and many other organizations throughout Atlantic Canada. Our outstanding staff expertise in botany, zoology, landscape ecology and GIS enable us to conduct accurate field inventories and status assessments, and to make significant contributions to conservation planning and decision making.

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Illustrated Flora of Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre, in partnership with PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation, PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund and Nature PEI, have launched an illustrated key to several families of plants of Prince Edward Island!

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iNaturalist Rare Species Projects

Join our iNaturalist "Rare Species of..." Projects! We have created three Projects on iNaturalist to capture rare species records in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Observations of rare species in these projects will help us fill in the gaps for species distributions and contribute to the conservation and protection our natural resources. We hope this project will help create interest and awareness of rare species in the Maritimes.

If you are currently an iNaturalist user (or want to become one!), check out the links below to explore rare species in our region or contribute your own data:

iNatNB iNatNS iNatPE
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