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Contributing Data

The AC CDC welcomes inquiries from those who would like to contribute data. Whether you are a practicing or retired scientist, professional or amateur naturalist, or simply have information about plant or animal species at risk or rare communities in Atlantic Canada, we would like to hear from you.

When submitting an observation of a species, please include as much information as possible, such as:

  • Observer name
  • Date of the observation
  • Location (Town, village, general area, with specific directions)
  • Species identification (as precisely as you are able to provide)
  • Photograph(s) or appropriately collected specimen of the observed species
  • Coordinates of the observation (i.e. Latitude 46.1234, Longitude -64.9876), with explanation of how these were obtained. GPS coordinates are ideal.

An observation submission form in Microsoft Excel is available here. You can also contact us directly for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre does not condone or encourage entry onto private property without the owner's knowledge and permission. The ACCDC strongly recommends that the permission of the landowner be obtained prior to entering private property for any reason. It is the sole responsibility of each person collecting information to ensure that their activities comply with the law.