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AC CDC provides timely service at cost. Fees charged help cover staff time, equipment, and facilities required to complete data requests. Major contributing partners (federal and provincial and for profit sustaining members) are not charged for requests that can be completed within our offices in a reasonable time. Depending on the request, data contributors, cooperating partners, and those working on behalf of members may not be charged. Non-profit organizations, scientists, academics, educators, and students are encouraged to contribute the standard fee, although they may be provided with data even if they are unable to cover costs.

The standard fee for data requests and related information is $150 per hour, with a one hour minimum charge. In addition, clients may be charged for extended (10 minutes or more) phone conversations with CDC data analysts or specialists (more than 10 but less than 30 minutes - $75; more than 30 minutes - $150). Fees for complex requests requiring significant amounts of staff time and/or data, will be determined and quoted before a response is provided. There are no charges for requests that cannot be handled (i.e., when there is a lack of sufficient data or expertise).

Data Usage Restrictions

The AC CDC makes a strong effort to verify the accuracy of all the data that it manages, but it shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in data that it provides. By receiving AC CDC data, recipients assent to the following limits of use:

  • Data is restricted to use by trained personnel who are sensitive to its potential threat to rare and endangered taxa.
  • Data is restricted to use by the specified Data User; any third party requiring data must make its own data request.
  • The AC CDC requires Data Users to cease using and delete data 12 months after receipt, and to re-submit a request for updated data if it is still required.
  • AC CDC data responses are restricted to that data in our Data System at the time of the data request.
  • Data is qualified as to location (Precision) and time (SurveyDate); see Data Dictionary for details.
  • AC CDC data reports are not to be construed as exhaustive inventories of taxa in an area.
  • The non-occurrence of a taxon cannot be inferred by its absence in an ACCDC data report.

Acknowledgement Required

The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre grants permission to download data from this web site, on the condition that the user acknowledges both the AC CDC's collaboration, and the persons or institutions listed in the CITATION field.