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General Status of Species in Canada

The National General Status Working Group, composed of members from every province and territory, Environment Canada and the AC CDC (as of 2013), has published a Wild Species document summarizing the status of wild species in Canada every five years since 2000. The Wild Species reports list species' status nationally and in every province and territory in which each species occurs, and each iteration of the reports having included a broader range of species. General Status ranks provide a measure of extinction risk and an indication of the overall state of biodiversity in Canada. Wild Species reports from 2000 to 2010 used their own ranking system (below), but the 2015 and future reports will use the S-rank system in use at the AC CDC and all other conservation data centres. The Wild Species 2015 report is in preparation and will be published in 2016.

General Status of Wildlife Ranks (2000 − 2010)

0.2 Extinct
0.1 Extirpated
1 At Risk
2 May Be At Risk
3 Sensitive
4 Secure
5 Undetermined
6 Not Assessed
7 Exotic
8 Accidental

View the report Wild Species 2010: The General Status of Species in Canada here.

Download the Wild Species 2010 data here.